Principles for a better Programmatic Marketplace

Programmatic advertising is a powerful system that enables extremely precise, data-driven advertising at scale. Yet, it hasn’t reached its full potential because it has been too complex and at times too opaque. To maximize participation in programmatic advertising, the industry’s leading sell-side exchanges have come together to adopt a framework of Principles and commitments that promote clarity and trust for every participant in the market.

There are three core Principles at the foundation of all effective markets: Efficiency, Transparency, and Fair-market.

1. Efficiency Efficiency reduces transaction costs by eliminating waste and fraud.

  • Total Quality Assurance
  • Standardized Formats
  • Elimination of Infrastructure Waste

2. Transparency Transparency establishes clear business practices necessary to maintain trust among participants in the supply chain.

  • Fee Transparency
  • Fully Auditable Supply Chain
  • Transparent Change Notification

3. Fair-Market Fair-market principles establish clear and unambiguous ground rules that balance the objectives of all marketplace participants.

  • Clear Auction Rules
  • No Undisclosed Business Arrangements
  • No Biased Auction Mechanics

These core Principles and their underlying measurable and verifiable metrics form the foundation of a new way forward to navigate the increasingly fragmented media environment advertisers face today. The undersigned are committed to making their exchanges compliant with these Principles. They give publishers and buyers alike complete confidence in a fair, transparent, and verifiable programmatic marketplace.

Trust is the most important component of any business relationship. Trust is earned, and we are committed to building a lasting, high-quality, and trusted programmatic marketplace for the future of advertising.

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